Thursday, March 14, 2013

GSC - Feature Match: Championship Round - Gage Murray V. Ben Mcdowell

Gage Murray placed sixth coming into the Championship today. After defeating the December Champion – Leonard Ludwig and his Inzektor Deck, then defeating Kevin Stessney and his Agent deck. Gage now moves on to the Finals with his Dino Rabbit Deck. Ben McDowell is participating in his first Championship Tournament today, and had a rough start. He had to take on Dustin Domdera in a tie-breaker match to decide who would enter the Championship in eighth place. He then moved on to defeat Uy Tu and his Mono Mermail deck. Ben is piloting a Watt deck with no Side Deck, and no Extra Deck. Dispite this, both he and his opponent have not had to go into a Game 3 all day today. This is it the champion is about to be crowned!

Gage wins the die roll and plays first. He starts the duel off with Rescue Rabbit! Immediately he summons two Kabzauls from his deck, and overlays them into Evolzar Laggia! He places four cards into his Spell and Trap card Zone and pases his turn. Ben activates Pot of Duality, revealing Wattcobra, Mystical Space Typhoon and Fiendish Chain. He chooses the Fiendish Chain, adds it to his hand and returns the other cards to his deck. He sets a monster face-down, and sets Five Cards Face down in his Spell and Trap Card Zone!

Gage summons Kabzauls from his hand and has it attack Ben’s set monster – Wattdragonfly! Wat Dragonfly’s effect activates and allows Ben to special summon another Wattdragonfly in defense position, which Evolzar Laggia attacks over, and Ben Special Summons Wattcobra from his deck. Gage passes his turn.

Ben attacks Gage directly with Wattcobra, but Gage responds with Fiendish Chain to prevent it from attacking, and Ben responds with Solemn Judgment, giving up half his Life Points in hopes to prevent Fiendish Chain, but that wasn’t going to happen! Gage also activates Solemn Judgment, giving up half his life points to prevent Wattcobra from inflicting damage! Ben sets a card and passes his turn.

Life Points: Ben: 4000/Gage:4000

Gage starts his turn and immediately enters the Battle Phase, and Ben responds with Threatening Roar! Gage’s response is to detatch both of Evolzar Laggia’s Xyz Material Monsters to negate the Threatening Roar, but Ben chains to this with his set Fiendish Chain, preventing Laggia’s negation effect from correctly resolving!

Ben summons Wattpeasant, and has it attack Gage directly, allowing him to activate it’s effect, but instead of targeting one of Gage’s Monsters, Ben targets his own WattCobra, to free it from the effects of Fiendish Chain when it returns to the field during the End Phase!

Life Points: Ben:4000/Gage:3000

Ben passes his turn, and Wattcobra returns to the field in defense position.

Turn 6- Ben
Gage draws, and during the Standby Phase activates a Mystical Space Typhoon from his hand to destroy Ben’s set Photon Lead. Then he activates a set Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Ben’s set Huge Revolution is Over! He has his Kabzauls attack Ben’s Wattcobra, getting rid of it, then setting a monster and spell or trap card before ending his turn.

Life Points: Ben: 3300/Gage:3000

Ben has Wattpeasant attack Gage directly, banishing Kabzauls until the End Phase. He sets a card face-down, and Kabzauls returns to the field.

Life Points: Ben: 3300/Gage:2000

Gage has Kabzauls attack Wattpeasant, and sets a card face-down, and ends his turn.

Life Points: Ben: 2600/Gage: 2000

Ben activates the effect of Thunder Sea Horse, sending it to the graveyard to add two Wattcobras from his deck to his hand. He summons one of them and attacks with it, but Gage was ready with a Compsouary Evacuation Device to return it to Ben’s Hand.
Thunder Se horse – Wattcobras

Gage summons Jurrac Guiaba from his hand and overlays it with Kabzauls to Xyz Summon another Evolzar Laggia. He flip summons his set Spirit Reaper and begins his Battle Phase. He attacks directly with both monsters, and with Spirit Reaper’s effect he
Forces Ben to discard one of his Wattcobras.

(At this point I Calculated ben to have no life Points left, but apparently there had been a miscalculation of Life points at one point, and they continued play. )

Ben summons Wattcobra and it is negated by Evolzar Laggia. He sets a card face-down and Gage has Evolzar Laggie attack directly. Ben responds with Mirror Force, but Gage had a Forbidden Lance to prevent it from being destroyed and take Ben’s Life Points to zero on their Calculations. Gage wins Game 1!

Game Two:

Ben begins Game 2, and sets two spell or trap cards and passes his turn. Gage summons Doomcaliber Knight and attacks Ben directly for 1900! He sets two cards face-down and ends his turn.

Life Points: Ben: 6100/Gage: 8000

Ben activates Dark Hole to destroy Doomcaliber Knight, so he can activate Thunder Sea Horse’s effect to discard itself and add two more Thunder Sea Horse from his deck to his hand. He summons Wattcobra and attacks directly with it.

Life Points: Ben: 6100/Gage: 7000

With Wattcobra’s effect Ben adds Wattgiraffe to his hand from his deck, and passes his turn. Gage activates Trap Stun during the Standby Phase of his turn, but Ben chains his set Wabboku to it. Gage continues with his own copy of Dark Hole to get rid of Wattcobra, and then summons Rescue Rabbit from his hand. He uses it’s effect to special summon two Kabzauls from his deck, and overlays them to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka! He passes his turn.

Ben sets one card face-down and passes his turn. Gage does the same. Ben summons wattgiraffe and attacks directly with it, preventing Gage from activating card effects until the End Phase, and Ben Ends his turn after the attack.

Life Points: Ben: 6100/Gage: 5800

Gage summons Sabersaurus and flip summons his set Kabzauls. He overlays both his dinosaurs to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia! He has Dolka attack, and Ben activates his set Mirror Force! Gage negates it’s activation by detatching both of Laggia’s Xyz Materials and destroys Wattgiraffe!

Life Points: Ben: 5000/Gage: 5800

Next Gage attacks directly with Evolzar Laggia before ending his turn.

Life Points: Ben: 2600/Gage: 5800

Ben sets two cards in his Spell and Trap Card Zone and passes his turn. Gage draws and activates Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Ben’s set Threatening Roar, which Ben responds with to prevent Gage from attacking this turn. Gage passes his turn. Ben activates Thunder Sea Horses' effect, and Gage detaches a Kabzauls from Evolzar Dolkka to negate, but Ben was ready with a Fiendish Chain to negate Dolkka’s effect. Ben adds two Wattgiraffes from his deck to his hand. He summons a Wattcobra and attacks directly with it. Using Wattcobra’s effect, Ben adds another Wattcobra from his deck to his hand, then sets two spell or trap cards before ending his turn.

Life Points: Ben: 2600/Gage: 4800

Gage draws and then flip summons his set Sabersaurus and then Normal Summons Doomcaliber Knight from his hand. He declares an attack with Sabersaurus, and Ben activates Wabboku to prevent damage to his monsters and life points! Gage passes his turn. Ben activates his last Thunder Sea Horse’s effect, and Doomcaliber Knight tributes itself and negates it.

Ben then summons Wattgiraffe and Gage responds with Torrential Tribute to destroy all of his own monsters, and Ben’s wattgiraffe! Ben plays Monster Reborn to revive his Wattcobra, and as it attack Gage directly!

Life Points: Ben: 2600/Gage: 3800

With Wattcobra’s effect, Ben adds Wattdragonfly from his deck to his hand. Ben passes his turn. Gage Summons Tour Guide From the Underworld from his hand, and summons a second Tour Guide From his deck. Ben does some calculations in his head, and offers Gage a hand shake and says “Good Game!”

What Ben thought was going to happen was Gage was going to Xyz Summon Leviar The Sea Dragon, use It’s effect to Special Summon Rescue Rabbit from his banished zone, what Ben didn’t realize until he overheard it, was that Gage had already gone into all of his normal monsters! He said he was probably going to go into Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction or Wind-Up Zenmaines!

And with that Gage wins the Store Championship! Using his Dinorabbit Deck Gage is able to defeat Ben’s Wattdeck, and claim victory! Congratulations to Gage Murray!

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