Monday, December 31, 2012

December Grandpa's Sports Cards Championship Tournament

The First Monthly Championship was held on December 30, 2012. After eleven tournaments held during the month of December, the top 8 duelists were determined to be:

1. Ray Brown
2. Leonard Ludwig
3. Corey Shelh
4. Uy Tu
5. Josh Coons
6. Dustin Domdera
7. Sheldon Spaulding
8. Jamie Davis

Paring off in Round 1:

Resulting in Round 2 Parings:
In The Final Match: Leonard Ludwig took on Josh Coons, and defeated Josh 2-1.

Leonard Ludwig is your December 2012 Store Champion! Congrats!

Event Coverage: 

Duelist Deck Lists:

Feature Matches: 

Round 1: Corey Shehl V. Dustin Domdera 
Round 2: Josh Coons V. Jamie Davis
Round 3: Josh Coons V. Leonard Ludwig

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