Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grandpa's Championship Feature Match - Finals - Leonard Ludwig V. Josh Coons

Game One:
The Final Round has arrived and it has brought Josh Coons, who placed fourth in the standings for the month of December against Leonard Ludwig, who placed second overall. Josh Coons won his first round against Uy Tu and his Inzektor Deck, and then moved on to defeat Jamie Davis’ Dino Rabbit deck in the semi-finals. Leonard Ludwig defeated Sheldon Spaulding and his Gemini HEROES Deck, and then defeated Corey Shehl and his Chaos Dragon deck in the Semi-Finals. Josh Coons will be playing his Merlantian Deck, and Leonard Ludwig is using his Machina Gadget deck today. This is it, the battle for the Championship Title is up for grabs!

The two players roll a six-sided die in order to decide who will play first. Josh Coons rolls a two, and Leonard Ludwig rolls a five. Leonard will go first.

Leo starts off the game with Pot of Duality. He reveals Starlight Road, Green Gadget, and Tragodia, and he selects to keep Tragodia.

Next he summons Green Gadget, and adds a Red Gadget to hand. He sets two cards to the back row and ends his turn.

Josh starts the game off by setting both a monster and a Spell or Trap Card, and passes his turn to Leo.

Leo begins his second turn by summoning his Red Gadget, activating it’s effect and searches a Yellow Gadget. He then discards two Machina Fortress in order to Special Summon one of them from the Graveyard.

Next Leo overlays his two Gadgets in order to Xyz Summon Gear Gigant X, and immediately activates its effect, detaching Green Gadget to add Machina Gearframe from his deck to his hand.

Next, Leo discards Machina Cannon to Special Summon his Machina Fortress from his Graveyard.

Leo moves to the Battle Phase, and has Gear Gigant X attack Josh’s set monster, Mermail Abysslinde. Using Mermail Abysslinde’s effect to Special Summon Mermail Abyssspike in defense position.

Josh activates Mermail Abyssspike’s effect to discard Atlantean Dragoons, to add a Genex Undine from his deck to his hand. Then using Atlantean Dragoon’s effect, he adds Mermail Abyssmegalo from his deck to his hand.

Continueing with his Battle Phase, Leo has his Machina Force attack Mermail Abysspike, and destroy it.

Next, Leo has his second Machina Fortress attack Josh Directly. Leo asks if Gorz is coming out, and Josh answers him by putting Gorz The Emissary of Darkness on the field in Defense position. He then uses Gorz’s effect to Special Summon an Emissary of Darkness Token in defense position as well.

Life Points: Leo- 8000/Josh: 5500

In Main Phase 2, Leo Overlays his two Machina Fortress to Xyz Summon Number 11: Big Eye. He detatches a Machina Fortress to take control of Josh’s Gorz The Emissary of Darkness, and ends his turn.

Josh begins his turn by Normal Summoning Genex Undine. He sends Atlantean Dragoons from his deck to the graveyard to add his Genex Controller to his hand. He then adds Atlantean Marksmen to his hand with the effect of Atlantean Dragoons.

Next he activates the effect of Mermail Abyssmegalo, by discarding Deep Sea Diva and Atlantean Marksmen. He adds an Abyss Sphere to his hand from his deck for the effect of Mermail Abyssmegalo, and uses the effect of Atlantean Marksmen to destroy Leo’s set Torrential Tribute.

Next Josh uses Monster Reborn to Special Summon Atlantean Marksmen in attack position. He then overlays Atlantean Marksmen and Genex Undine to Xyz Summon Temtempo The Percussion Djinn in Attack position. He uses his effect, detatching Genex Undine to remove Machina Fortress from Number 11: Big Eye.

Next he switches his Emissary of Darkness Token to attack position. He sets one card face-down and ends his turn.

Leo starts his turn by drawing, and during the Draw Phase, Josh activates Tentempo The Percussion Djinn’s effect, detatching Atlantean Marksmen to detatch Red Gadget from Gear Gigant X.

Leo summons Machina Gearframe, and uses it’s effect to add Machina Cannon to his hand. Next he discards his Machina Cannon to Special Summon Machina Fortress from his Graveyard. He then attaches Gearframe to Gear Gigant X.

He next switches his stolen Gorz The Emissary of Darkness to attack position, and Enter the Battle Phase.

Machina Fortress attacks into The Emissary of Darkness Token, and they both die in the battle. Using Machina Fortress’ effect, Leo destroys Tentempo The Precussion Djinn.

Next Leo attacks Mermail Abyssmegalo with Gorz, and then attacks directly with Number 11: Big Eye and Geargigant X.

Life Points: Josh: 300/Leo: 8000

Leo sets a card face-down and ends his turn, but before Leo can end his Main Phase, Josh activates Abyss Sphere, special Summoning Mermail Abysslinde in defense mode. And in the End Phase, when Abyss Sphere destroys itself, he special summons Mermail Abysspike to the field in defense mode. He does not activate it’s effect.

Josh starts his turn with Heavy Storm. Leo chains Forbidden Lance, targeting his own Gorz The Emissary of Darkness to protect it from Spell and Trap Cards this turn, but he loses his Machina Gearframe to the Heavy Storm.

Next Josh Normal Summons Genex Controller and Synchro Summons with Mermail Abysspike to summon Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!

Josh discards his last card in his hand, Genex Controller, to destroy Number 11: Big Eye, and then runs over Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Life Points: Leo: 7400/Josh: 300

Leo activates the effect of the card he took off Pot of Duality in the very first turn, Tragodia, Special Summoning it in defense position.

Josh ends his turn, and Leo starts his turn off with Pot of Avarice returning Number 11: Big Eye, two copies of Machina Cannon, Machina Gearframe, and Green Gadget to his deck, and draws two cards from his deck.

Next Leo normal summons Yellow Gadget, adding Green Gadget from his deck to his hand. He then activates Tragodia’s effect, to make him level 4, by targeting the Red Gadget in the Graveyard.

He overlays Tragodia and Yellow Gadget to Xyz Summon Gagaga Cowboy in defense position. He detaches Yellow Gadget to inflict 800 points of damage, and claim Game 1!

Leo wins Game one by keeping an giant army of monsters up the entire game, and pushing back Josh’s monsters with even bigger monsters and Xyz monsters!

Game 2:

Game two is started by Josh, who opens the game with Deep Sea Diva. He normal summons her, and uses her effect to Special Summon Atlantean Marksmen.

He Tunes Atlantean Marksmen with Deep Sea Diva, and Synchro Summons Ally of Justice Catastor, to stop Leo’s Earth Attribute monsters!

He continues by setting one Spell or Trap Card, and ending his turn.

Leo once again opens with Pot of Duality. This time he revealed Book of Moon, Heavy Storm, and Forbidden Lance. Leo chooses to take the Book of Moon.

Leo goes big and sets four cards in his back row, and Ends his turn without summoning or setting any monsters!

Josh attacks with Ally of Justice Catastor on Leo directly, and to his surprise the attack goes through, taking away 2200 of Leo’s Life Points!

Life Points: Leo: 5800/Josh: 8000

Josh sets another card in the back and ends his turn. Leo’s draws and sets a fifth Spell or Trap card, and passes his turn. Josh attempts to attack directly again, however Leo activates the Book of Moon he got off of Pot of Avarice, to put Ally of Justice Catastor face-down, blocking it’s attack!

Leo finally gets a monster he can summon, and it is Red Gadget! He summons it, and activates it’s effect, to add Green Gadget to his hand. Next Leo activates one of his Set cards, Macro Cosmos, and then proceeds to attack the face-down Ally of Justice Catastor, banishing it! Leo sets another card to the back row and ends his turn.

Josh draws one of Leo’s decks biggest enemies, Thunder King Rai-Oh! He normal summons it, and sets a card in the back row. Passing his turn without attacking.

Leo draws, and during Leo’s Standby Phase, Josh activates his set Mystical Space Typhoon, targeting Marco Cosmos! Leo chains to the Mystical Space Typhoon with a second copy of Macro Cosmos! Banishing both the original Macro Cosmos, and the Mystical Space Typhoon!

Leo sets a monster in defense, and switches Red Gadget into defense position, and passes his turn.

Josh attacks Red Gadget with Thunder King Rai-Oh, and passes his turn.

Leo draws a Mystical Space Typhoon, and activates it in his Draw Phase, destroying Josh’s set Abyss Sphere, which he choose not to respond with since Macro Cosmos was still active.

Leo normal Summons Yellow Gadget, being unable to activate it’s effect because of Thunder King Rai-Oh, he flip summons Fossil Dyno Pachyahalo, and attempts to Xyz Summon, however Josh reminds him he cannot Special Summon while Fossil Dyno Pachyhalo is face-up on the field, even using him as a Material. Leo sets another card to his back row and ends his turn.

Josh has his Thunder King Rai-Oh attack Yellow Gadget, and ends his turn.

Life Points: Leo: 5100/Josh: 8000

Leo switches Fossil Dyna Pachyhalo to defense position, and sets a card in his back row, and passes his turn.

Josh activates Heavy Storm, and finds Leo’s Starlight Road! However, Leo is unable to Special Summon Stardust Dragon due to his own Fossil Dyna Pachyhalo’s effect preventing him from Special Summoning!

Josh continues to have Thunder King Rai-Oh attack and destroy Fossil Dyna Pachyhalo, and ends his turn.

Leo begins his turn with Machina Gearframe, who he summons, attempts to activate his effect, and then responds with Torrential Tribute to destroy both Machina Gear Frame and Thunder king Rai-Oh, allowing Machina Gearframe’s effect to successfully work! He adds Machina Fortress to his hand. He passes his turn.

Josh activates his Salvage to return the only two cards in his Graveyard to his hand, Deep Sea Diva and Atlantean Marksmen. He then normal summons Deep Sea Diva, and Special Summons Atlantean Marksmen from his deck.

Next, Josh attacks Leo Directly with Atlantean Marksmen, inflicting 1400 to Leo’s life points, and allowing him to Special Summon Atlantean Dragoons from his deck. Josh continues by attacking Leo directly with Atlantean Dragoons and Deep Sea Diva for a total of 2000 damage!

Life Points: Leo: 1700/Josh: 8000

Josh now Tunes his Atlantean Monsters with Deep Sea Diva in order to Synchro Summon Mist Wurm! Using Mist Wurm’s effect, Josh returns all three cards Leo controls to his hand, including Macro Cosmos!

Now, Josh is free to use his Graveyard again! He activates the effect of Mermail Abyssmegalo, discarding Atlantean Dragoons and Genex Undine to special Summon him. Upon summon, he adds Abyss Sphere to his hand, and with Dragoons he adds Atlantean Heavy Infantry to his hand. He now ends his turn by setting a card to his back row!

Leo starts his turn by taking advantage of Macro Cosmos being gone as well. He discards Machina Cannon to Special Summon the Machina Fortress in his hand! He has Machina Fortress attack Mist Wurm, hoping to destroy both of Josh’s monsters at once, however is fortunate enough to find out that one of Josh’s set cards is none other than Mirror Force! Mirror Force rids the field of Machina Fortress, and ends Leo’s attack.

Leo goes into Main Phase 2, and sets three cards from his hand, and Josh activates Abyss Sphere, allowing him to Special Summon Mermail Abysslinde before Leo can reactivate Macro Cosmos! Leo admits defeat and Josh Wins Game 2!

Dispite Leo’s side deck working heavily in his advantage, Josh is able to overcome Macro Cosmos with Mist Wurm, and claim a win, tying the score moving on to Game 3!

Game 3:

Leo Starts off Game three once again with Pot of Duality! He revealed Forbidden Lance, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Green Gadget. He adds the Mystical Space Typhoon to his hand, and then Normal Summons a Green Gadget from his hand, activates it’s effect to add Red Gadget to his hand.

Leo Sets three cards face-down, and ends his turn. Josh starts his turn off with Heavy Storm! Once again, Leo has the Starlight Road to counter it, and this time he is able to Special Summon Stardust dragon, however Josh does not allow this to happen! He chains a Mystical Space Typhoon from his hand to destroy his own Heavy Storm! Since Starlight Road cannot negate and Destroy Heavy Storm, Leo once again is unable to Special Summon Stardust Dragon!

Josh next Normal Summons Atlantean Dragoons from his hand. Leo considers this a weird play for a Mermail deck, and assumes he has no other options to play, and responds to the summons with Torrential Tribute, to destroy both his Green Gadget and Atlantean Dragoons.

Josh sets a card face-down, and ends his turn. Before the turn ends, Leo responds with the Mystical Space Typhoon he got off of Pot of Duality, and destroys Josh’s set Skill Drain!

Leo once again plays Pot of Duality. He reveals Green Gadget, Dimensional Prison, and Machina Gearframe. He chooses the Machina Gearframe, and normal summons it. With it’s effect he adds his Machina Fortress to his hand.

Next Leo attacks Josh directly with Machina Gearframe, and ends his turn.

Life Points: Josh – 6200/Leo: 8000

Josh sets a card and ends his turn. Leo starts his turn off with set card- Heavy Storm, and destroys Josh’s Torrential Tribute!

With the trap cards on Josh’s field gone, he summons Yellow Gadget, activates it’s effect to get another Gadget to his hand, and discards a Yellow Gadget and Machina Fortress in order to Special Summon Machina Fortress from his hand!

Leo then attacks Josh directly with Machina Gearframe, Machina Fortress, and Yellow Gadget for a total of 5500!

Life Points: Josh: 700/Leo: 8000

Leo Overlays his Yellow Gadget and his Machina Gearframe in order to Xyz Summon Gagaga Cowboy in defense positon! He detatches Yellow Gadget in order to inflict 800 damage to Josh!  

With this blow from Gagaga Cowboy, Leo is able to claim the match, and the Championship Tournament!

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