Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grandpa's Championship Feature Match Round 2: Josh Coons V. Jamie Davis

Josh Coons enters the tournament placing in fourth place, and entered using her Merlantian Deck. During the first round of the tournament he defeated Uy Tu and his Inzektor deck, advancing into this round. His opponent is Jamie Davis, who won his way into the Top 8 yesterday by coming in first place in the last tournament, putting him in eighth place coming into today. Today he is playing his Dino-Rabbit deck which he won with yesterday. In round one, he took on the overall high-scorer, Ray Brown and his Prophecy Deck, and after a long duel he was able to defeat Ray and move on into the next round.

The two roll two die each to decide who goes first. Jamie rolls a combination equaling a five, and Josh rolls a seven. Josh states he will play first.

Game 1

Josh starts the duel off by setting one card in his back row, and ending his turn.

Jamie starts the duel off with Kabazuls and declares a direct attack. Josh responds to this attack with Abyss Sphere, special summoning Mermail Abysslinde to the field in defense position.

Jamie has the option to replay his attack, and chooses to redirect Kabazuls attack on Mermaild Abysslinde, and destroys her, sending Abyss Sphere to the graveyard as well. Josh uses her effect to special Summon Mermail Abyssspike to the field in attack position.

He chooses to activate Abysspike’s effect, discarding Atlantean Heavy Infantry from his hand to add Genex Undine to his hand. Since he paid his cost using Atlantean Heavy Infantry, its effect activates, allowing Josh to destroy Kabazuls.

After losing his monster, Jamie sets three cards to his back row and passes his turn.

Josh activates Heavy Storm, expecting a response, which is shown with Starlight Road, negating Heavy Storm, and granting Jamie a Stardust Dragon!

Next Josh summons Genex Undine, sending Atlantian Dragoons to the graveyard to add Genex Controller to his hand. Atlantean Dragoon’s effect activates, allowing him to add Mermail Abyssmegalo to his hand.

Following this up, Josh activates Salvage, targeting Mermail Abysslinde and Atlantean Heavy Infantry to his hand. The next play Jamie predicted, as Josh revealed his Mermail Abyssmegalo, discarding Atlantean Infantry and Mermail Abysslinde to special summon it.

Now with Mermail Abyssmegalo Summoned, he allows Josh to add Abyss Sphere to his hand, and since Atlantean Heavy Infantry was discarded, Josh could destroy Stardust Dragon. As a joke, Jamie negated Infantry’s effect by tributing Stardust Dragon!

Next Josh activates the effect of Memail Abyssmegalo’s effect by tributing Genex Undine, allowing it to attack twice this turn.

Josh moves on to the Battle Phase, and has Mermail Abysspike attack Jamie directly for 1600. Next he declares an attack with Mermail Abyssmegalo, and predicts that Jamie will have Dimensional Prison down, and as Josh predicts, Jamie activates Dimensional Prison to banish Mermail Abyssmegalo.

Life Points: Jamie: 6400/Josh: 8000

Josh ends his turn by setting one Spell or Trap card in his Spell and Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

Jamie begins his turn in a similar fashion to his previous turn with a Normal-Type Dinosaur, and summons Sabersaurus to the field, and has it attack Josh’s Mermail Abysspike.

Life Points: Jamie: 6400/Josh: 7700

Jamie sets a card to the back row in Main Phase 2, and goes to end the Main Phase. Josh stops him, and activates Abyss Sphere to Special Summon Mermail Abysslinde to the field in defense position.

During the End Phase, Abyss Sphere destroys itself and allows Josh to activate Mermail Abysslinde’s effect to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo to the field.

Josh begins his turn by activating Pot of Avarice, targeting Mermail Abysspike, Atlantean Heavy Infantry, two copies of Mermail Abysslinde, and Atlantean Dragoons. The only monster he left in his graveyard was the Genex Undine. He drew his two cards from his deck.

Next he summons Atlantean Marksmen to the field, and used it to pay the cost for Mermail Abyssmegalo’s effect. Allowing him to destroy Jamie’s set Solemn Warning.

Josh has his Abyssmegalo attack Sabersarus, and follows up with a successful direct attack on Jamie’s life points.

Life Points: Jamie: 3500/Josh: 7700

Josh sets a card face-down and ends his turn.

Jamie sets his Sangan in face-down defense position, and sets a Bottomless Trap Hole, and passes to Josh.

Josh starts his turn with Monster Reborn, reviving Atlantean Marksmen, and uses it to pay the cost of Mermail Abyssmegalo, and destroy Jamie’s set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Josh next summons Deep Sea Diva. Using the effect he Special Summons Atlantean Marksmen.

Mermail Abyssmegalo attacks Jamie’s Set Sangan, allowing Jamie to search for a monster, however at this point Jamie sees the fate of the game, and concedes the game.

Josh Coons wins the first match of the second round using the sheer force of his deck, and now allowing Jamie the time to set up for a Rescue Rabbit play.

Game 2

Jamie Goes first in the second round. He starts the duel off with Tour Guide From The Under World, and special summons Sangan in defense position.

He sets one card face-down in his back row, and ends his turn.

Josh starts his turn with Genex Undine. He sends Atlantean Dragoons to the graveyard, in order to add Genex Controller from his deck to his hand. Using Atlantean Dragoons effect, Josh adds Atlantean Marksmen to his hand.

Next he sends Atlantean Dragoons and Atlantean Marksmen to the graveyard in order to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo from his hand. Using Dragoon’s effect he adds Moulinglacia The Elemental Lord from his deck to his hand, and uses the effect of Abyssmegalo to add Abyss Sphere to his hand, and uses Atlantean Marksmen to destroy Jamie’s set Forbidden Lance. Jamie chains the Forbidden Lance, targeting Mermail Abyssmegalo.

Next Johs activates Mermail Abyssmegalo’s effect, tributing Genex Undine, and attacks Tour Guide From the Underworld. He decides to wait to get rid of Sangan, and sets a card to the back row, and ends his turn.

Life Points: Jamie: 7400/Josh: 8000

Jamie starts his second turn, and reveals his hand. It contained three Normal Monsters. He thinks about it, and just concedes the game, knowing he cannot win.

Josh Coons wins the round, due to powerful starts, and Jamie’s very bad second opening. Josh moves on to play the winner between Leonard Ludwig and Corey Shehl for the Championship Title!

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